Long before the on-going relentless fight against illegal drugs, illegal gambling and graft and corruption in our country today, the Municipality of TUAO, Cagayan already had Mayor Manuel Mamba who fought these ills as fiercely, if not more.

Long before we knew of a President who works thru the night, the 3rd District of Cagayan already had a Congressman Manuel Mamba who worked till dawn, and a Secretary Manuel Mamba who delivered on every promise made.

Manuel Mamba has temper, so they say, but for people who know the man, it is passion that moves him… a passion that is controlled and hidden at times; turbulent and open on other times.

He demands service of the highest quality and mediocrity is not acceptable to him. Complacency is a word he does not understand; indifference, more so.

Persistent, determined and focused, nothing will deter him from giving flesh and blood to his visions for Cagayan.

Creating a compelling vision of the future is a skill. He easily inspires people to bring about significant changes because values are shared. His enthusiasm never fades and he works hard thru is all; for his visions are based on his peoples’ needs and aspirations.

What he has accomplished for this town, Tuao, during his stint as mayor, has earned him the right to ask Cagayanos to listen and believe in him.

There can be no room for doubts in the leadership of the man.
We can confidently walk with him and we are certain to reach out destination.
Have absolute trust in him… dream with him, and we will achieve set goals.

But, stand with him and for him when the going gets rough, for with him, out battles will be won, no matter what. You can be assured of his loyalty, as well.

The happiness and well-being of this people have always inspired him to give the best of the man that he is.

It would, there, be a privilege to join him in his journey… in the task of building a new Cagayan.