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              OVERVIEW This an annual search for outstanding Cagayanos who have contributed to nation-building; who have served their community in an outstanding capacity; who have performed their functions above and beyond the call of duty; or who have served as an inspiration to their fellow men especially to his/her fellow Cagayanos. The award seeks to recognize the lifetime achievements of Cagayanos, and hence, the awardee can only win once. The awarding ceremony will be held during the Aggao Nac Cagayan Festival. AWARDS Natatanging Cagayano This will be awarded to one or more outstanding Cagayanos who have made an impact in the national or international field. The awardees of Natatanging Cagayano will not go through the regular search procedure because their achievements are already of common knowledge. However, they will have to be vetted and endorsed by the Search Committee for final approval by the Governor. Gintong Medalya A maximum of 10 awardees will be chosen to receive the Gintong Medalya under, but not limited to, the following categories:

  • Government Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Community Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Music, Arts and Culture
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Economics
  • Peace and Order
  1. The nominee was born in the Province of Cagayan, has been residing in the Province of Cagayan for the past 10 years up to the present, or at least one parent was born in the Province of Cagayan.
  2. The nominee must be of good moral character.
  3. The nominees will be judged according to the following criteria:
  4. Professional excellence and integrity in their field of endeavour              40 points
  5. Contribution to the community or province 40 points
  6. Service above and beyond the call of duty 20 points
  7. The Search for Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano shall be open to individuals in all fields of endeavor. Any person or organization may nominate one or more individuals.
  8. Nominations should be made on the prescribed Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Nomination Form which will be notarized.
  9. A scrapbook containing attachments, photos and write-ups shall be submitted by the nominee which will respond to the criteria for judging enumerated in No. 3.
  10. All entries are to be mailed or personally delivered to the Office of the Governor, Provincial Government of Cagayan, Capitol Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan on or before the deadline of submission of entries as set by the Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Search Committee.
  11. The Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Search Committee shall be in charge of the project and reserves the right to pass judgment on any issue that may arise in connection with the above rules.
  12. The Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Search Committee will review the entries to ensure that all technical requirements are complied with.
  13. The Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Board of Judges composed of respected individuals, shall select the winners. Their decision will be final and unappealable. They may opt to call the finalist for an interview as they may deem fit.
  1. Two (2) accomplished and notarized copies of Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Nomination Form
  1. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate, Certification from the Barangay Chairman that nominee has been residing in the Barangay located in the Province of Cagayan for the past ten (10) years until the present, or the Certified True Copy of the Birth Certificate of at least one parent
  2. NBI Clearance dated 2017
  1. Two (2) copies of the nominee’s picture (5”x7”, colored with white background)
  1. Scrapbook according to the following specifications:
  • The Nomination Form together will all original attachments (documentary and supportive evidence) as required and necessary for the nominee's accomplishments shall be bound in the form of a scrapbook.
  • The Scrapbook shall not exceed the outer dimension of 11" x  14".
  • Each page of the scrapbook should be numbered.  The first page should be used for the nomination form followed by the attachments, photos or write-ups necessary to prove the nominee’s excellence in his/her field of endeavor
  • The scrapbook will be limited to thirty (30) pages.  However, annexes in the form of multi-page that serve as reference or supportive evidence to the information provided in the scrapbook may have no limit.  The annexes must be properly labeled for easy reference.
  • The Scrapbook will become the property of the Search Committee. Please do not attach original photos or documents.
  1. Soft copy of the Scrapbook to be submitted to the Search Committee at the Governor’s Office, Provincial Government of Cagayan, Alimannao, Peñablanca, Cagayan.
                            NOMINATION FORM   To the Search Committee:     I/We would like to nominate  ______________________________ in the field of ___________________. (Nominee)                                                      (Category)     ___________________________________                                                                                     Printed Name and Signature of Nominator     Name: ______________________________________________    Sex: _____       Civil Status: ________ Date of Birth: _______________________   Age: _____      Place of Birth: ___________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ Telephone Number: ________________________   E-mail Address: _________________________ Occupation: __________________________            Name of Office/Company: _______________________ Office Address: ________________________________________________________________________ Educational Attainment:
School Year Graduated
  Professional Organizations:
Name of Organization Position Years Covered
          Civic Organizations:
Name of Organization Position Years Covered
  Honors/Awards Received:
Award Award-Giving Body Year
  I hereby certify that everything contained in this nomination form is true and correct.   ___________________________________                                                                                                       Signature of Nominee   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT   SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, this _____________ day of ______________, in the City of __________________, by ___________________ with Passport No.________________ issued on __________________at_____________.   Notary Public Doc. No. ______; Page No. ______; Book No. ______; Series of ______;     Project-BriefNomination-Form-in-Letterhead Download form here...

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