Preferred Investment Areas

The investments priorities of Cagayan focus on these industries which are well-suited to its resources:

  1. Agriculture-Based Enterprises
    • Aquaculture and Aquacapture
      • Commercial Fishpond Development (Brackish and Freshwater)
        • Farming of High Value Species
        • Crab production
        • Prawn Production
      • Marine Fish Culture
        • Farming of High Value Species
      • Fish Processing and Canning
      • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Livestock and Poultry Production and Processing
    • Industrial and Orchards Tree Plantations
      • Citrus Fruits Production and Procesing
      • Mango Production and Processing
      • Cacao Production and Processing
      • Narra Plantation
      • Jatropha Plantation
      • Mahogany Plantation
    • Dairy Production and Processing
    • Root Crop Production and Processing
    • High-Value Crops Production and Processing
      • Cereal Production and Processing
      • High Value Vegetable Production
      • Cassava Production and Processing
      • Legumes Production
      • Production of Condiments
    • Medicinal Herbs and Essential Oils Production
    • Feeds Manufacturing
    • Organic Fertilizer Production
    • Seeds and Seedling Production
  2. Forest-Based Enterprises
  3. Tourism Facilities and Services
    • Development of Beach Resorts in Sta. Ana, Gonzaga, Calayan and other coastal towns
    • Establishment of tourist facilities in municipalities with caves, falls and lakes
  4. Mining
    • Agricultural Lime Production
    • Manganese
    • Gold and Copper Mining
    • Iron Mining
    • Clay Extraction