Governor’s Corner

Long before the on-going relentless fight against illegal drugs, illegal gambling and graft and corruption in our country today, the Municipality of TUAO, Cagayan already had Mayor Manuel Mamba who fought these ills as fiercely, if not more. Long before we knew of a President who works thru the night, the 3rd District of Cagayan […]

Spiritual and Moral Recovery Program

Genuine progress can only be achieved with leaders and people who lead honest, upright and decent lives and professions. The Spiritual and Moral Recovery Transformation seeks to strengthen the moral and spiritual values of Cagayanos, starting with the employees of the Provincial Government and the local leaders. For Governor Manuel N. Mamba, progress can only be truly achieved if the workers in the government have clean and guiltless hands. Thus, this program aims to propel not only reforms within Capitol, but in the whole province as well.