Governor’s Corner

Long before the on-going relentless fight against illegal drugs, illegal gambling and graft and corruption in our country today, the Municipality of TUAO, Cagayan already had Mayor Manuel Mamba who fought these ills as fiercely, if not more. Long before we knew of a President who works thru the night, the 3rd District of Cagayan […]

Anti-Illegal Drugs and Anti-Illegal Gambling Campaign

Governor Manual N. Mamba has strongly expressed his strong condemnation of the illegal drug trade and illegal number game in the province. He vowed to fight these bad elements that continue to destroy families, communities and most especially the youth. Through the Provincial Peace and Order Council, Governor laid down different interventions that will stop the drug and number game menace in the province. He called upon the cooperation and support of the people in his fight, especially among the local officials and leaders, who should be at the forefront in this crucial campaign.