For the first time, the Provincial Government of Cagayan launches the Cagayan Art and Creative Writing Awards as part of the Aggao Nac Cagayan celebration this coming June.

The competitions aim to highlight the rich culture and heritage of Cagayan through art creations and written literature.
According to Atty. Mabel Villarica-Mamba, the proponent of the awards, these events also seek to promote local pride among Cagayanos.

“Cagayan is rich in culture and heritage and the province is home to talents who have the potential to make it big in the national and international arena,” Atty. Villarica-Mamba said.
As a testament she said, the Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano Awards recognized Cagayanos who made waves in various fields and were awarded last year as part of the Aggao Nac Cagayan festivities.

“This year, we are staging the Art and Creative Writing contests, a first of its kind in the province, so that we can instill a sense of pride among us; a pride of our colorful and meaningful past that is remembered, preserved and promoted through stories and art pieces,” she emphasized.

The Creative Writing Awards will be a short story (fiction) writing competition among senior high school students and college students in the province. The stories will focus on Cagayano culture, heritage and nobility.

Cagayan has colorful legends and epics. Most famous of these is the Biuag and Malana, an epic that originated in Rizal about the story of two warring gentlemen who wanted to win the heart of a beautiful maiden.

In our rich history, we also have the Mengal, the Ibanag warrior whose bravery had been recognized. They were considered as leaders and chiefs of great authority in the early days. These noble leaders were known to lead local warriors during wars and feed the community during hunger.

Entries of the creative writing awards may be original or modern adaptation of Cagayan epics and legends in various genres including fable, science, fantasy, action, adventure, historical romance and drama.

The submission of entries for the creative writing awards will be from May 15-June 8, 2018.

Meanwhile, the Cagayan Art Competition will be staged to encourage, inspire and reward creative works by Cagayano contemporary artists.

The competition also aims to support the development of Cagayan art and to increase provincial exposure for Cagayan art and artists.

The arts competition is open to professional or non-professional Cagayano artists. There is no theme for this competition so that any theme or subject can be explored by the artists.

Creative works for submission are not limited only to painting pieces. Artists can also submit sculptures and installation art. The submission of entries will be on or before June 8, 2018.
The art works will be exhibited at Museo de Cagayan, the new home of the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center in Tuguegarao City.

The exhibit will also coincide with the soft opening of Museo de Cagayan. The new home of Museo de Cagayan is the Tribunal de Tuguegarao (old Provincial Jail). This structure has a significant value in the history and culture of Cagayan. It used to serve as a place of work, meeting and justice administration to the Governor and local authorities during the Spanish regime.
The competitions will culminate with an awarding ceremony on the 28th of June, with various prizes at stake for the winners.

For inquiries on the 1st Cagayan Art and Creative Writing Awards you may call Ms. Ampy Molina-Almazan (Secretariat Head, Arts Award) at 09053472866 or (078) 3777-0949; Atty. Girlie Mei Cuntapay (Secretariat Head, Creative Writing Award) at 09452468215.