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AGGAO NAC CAGAYAN 2017 ACTIVITIES (Browse through the Album)

By Maynard Guzman,
Published 08:58 AM, June 27, 2017

Grand Pedal Viaje- This event will be participated by the different cycling enthusiasts in Cagayan. The route is from Tuguegarao City to Bangag, Lallo

Tree Planting- Planting of 5 species of Trees in some parts of the Sub-capitol, Lal-lo, Cagayan

Holy Mass, Schedule of the Holy Masses: June 25, 2017, 10am at the Sub-Capitol, Bangag,La-lo, June 29,2017, 7am at the St. Peter’s Cathedral, July 2,2017, 9:15am at Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat.

2017 Product and Technology Trade Fair- A showcase of all unique agri-fishery products and modern technologies of the different Municipalities, NGA’s, NGO’s private companies and organizations in Cagayan.

Night Market- Small entrepreneurs will have their opportunity to market their products for the whole week celebration of Aggao Nac Cagayan.

Trading Post and Auction Center- This is an event where services and products of high economic value will be displayed, auctioned and sold.

LAYAG ng Cagayan Lecture Series- This is a lecture series on the history and culture of Cagayan. Among the guest lecturers include Ms.Mylene Quinto-Lising, a Cagayano archeologist and Prof. Armand Salvador Mijares, Former Director of the Archeological Studies Program of the University of the Philippines.

Animal Display- The event will showcase all purebred animals in Cagayan and will also give an opportunity to entrepreneurs to display and sell their livestocks.

Blood Olympics- Bloodletting activity which aims to provide continuous supply of safe blood to patients from the different parts of Cagayan.

Mural Design & Execution Competition- A mural painting contest at Cagayan Sports Complex, where the inner walls of the complex will be painted among the participants.

FUTUREArch 2017 Design Competition- All architecture students in Cagayan were invited to design a sustainable Complex that can be used in the future projects of PGC.

Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano- This is a search for the outstanding Cagayanos who have contributed to nation-building; who have served their community in an outstanding capacity; who have performed their functions above and beyond the call of duty; or who have served as an inspiration to their fellow men especially to his/her fellow Cagayanos.

Cultural Shows- A showcase of all the different talents from Cagayan. There will be different performers each night from June 26-29, 2017.

Linubian Festival- This is a cooking contest where the main ingredient is cassava. Contestants will be women from the different municipalities of Cagayan.

Gaggayam- This is composed of 5 traditional/indigenous games: Lin-umba; binnulagan; kadang-kadang; Ginuyadan; Bin-nirukan.

Gavi ng Pataradday- A fellowship night which aims to strengthen the ties of all government and Private employees in Cagayan.

Paddarafungan anna Pagarammungan- A stage play about weddings in Cagayan.

Rescuelympics- This is an event where the Quick Response Team (QRT) will be tested based on their preparedness when it comes to emergencies.

Cagayan Quiz Bee “Ating Alamin, Lalawigan Natin”- A quiz bee about Cagayan. This is open for high school students.

Globe Republikaravan Concert Night- This is a concert sponsored by Globe which will feature Gary Valenciano and the Band Parokya ni Edgar, and aside from them there will be performances from the different Talents in Cagayan. There will also be a special participation of the 18- inmates from the Provincial Warden.

LCE Socialization- It’s a get together of all Local Chief Executive of the province. A restful ending for the very busy Aggao week celebration.

Chess Tournament- Chess competition for elementary and high school students.